Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10. Some Legal Consequences of Pro-Gay Legislation

What would be the political goal of passing anti-discrimination laws?

from the Daily Telegraph, UK, Date: 07-Mar-2009

1. Parents who took their children out of school in protest at them being taught about ‘gay’, bisexual and transgender history could be prosecuted.
…about 30 children who had been taken out of classes during the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Week after parents objected to their youngsters being encouraged to "celebrate the lives and achievements of lesbian, ‘gay’, bisexual and trans people in the community". Council bosses said the protest resulted in around 30 primary pupils missing school and had "taken action" against parents who pulled their children out of George Tomlinson School in Leytonstone, east London, but refused to state what sanctions are being taken.

examples cited on http://defendthefamily.com/pfrc/archives.php?id=7543598

2. the creation of a pedophile political party in Holland, holds seats in parliament and advocates for the legalization of adult/child sexual relationships, has been approved by the Dutch courts.

3. in Canada, where homosexual activism has enjoyed considerable success, there are now so-called Human Rights Tribunals which have the power to punish anyone who publicly opposes homosexuality by making the offender pay a monetary fine. The money is then given to the homosexual who filed the complaint.

4. a Catholic member of the City Council of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada called homosexuality “unnatural” and was taken before a Human Rights Tribunal. One wonders if Pope Benedict himself would face arrest in Canada since he has repeatedly affirmed that homosexuality is “intrinsically disordered.”

5. On June 29, 2004, Pastor Ake Green was sentenced to one month in jail for showing “disrespect” against homosexuals in the sermon he delivered in his pulpit in Borgholm. The title of his sermon was “Are people born with homosexual orientation or is it the result of influence by evil powers?” Pastor Green was eventually exonerated by the Swedish Supreme Court.