Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pro-Heterosexual or Anti-Gay?

I learned some new things today. A man says he has been gay and he became ex-gay 6 years ago. Amongst the things that irritate him is people asking him "So, are you healed?" His answer is eloquent;

"So, am I "cured"? (That's always what people want to know! The recurring question makes me tired, even as I understand their need to ask) YES - because I am now able to make and keep promises about my behavior I could never begin to keep before. Think of it as an alcoholic who hasn't had a drink in six years. Could he drink? Yes. Would it be profitable for him? No. And, does he understand that? YES! Perhaps you have some temptation in your own life that re-occurs but no longer owns you? "

(source: Observations of an Ex Gay Man

He also has some building words for each of us about sensitivity to one another.

"Ask GOD TO LET YOU WALK A BIT IN MY SHOES - to understand how it might feel to:

a. Be in a crowd of Christians who use the word "gay" with contempt,
b. Hear constant rude remarks about gays at work, school or home
c. Hear "funny" jokes or stories about gays
d. See people imitating effeminate men or masculine women for a laugh
e. Hear macho men make threats about queers or fags
f. Hear gay lobbyists or actors proclaim gays cannot change
g. Hear some evangelists proclaim "God hates fags" and "turn or burn"
h. Hear well-meaning Christians with no clue as to how deeply this goes advise "just say no" or "just pray harder"
i. Watch Churches welcome the young man and woman living together, while pulling in the welcome mat for gays"

Finally, while Uganda gears up for what I call the pro-family agenda, and which others call an anti-gay campaign, I found these words salutary;

"REALIZE THE MODERN GAY AGENDA was born out of individuals' need to re-establish their worth in a society obsessed with taking it away. Should we fight it with words? Hardly! They are better equipped, better funded, and totally focused on this issue. We must realize they are not our enemy - that God loves them every bit as much as He does us. I think it was Abe Lincoln who was told he must conquer his enemies, and he replied, "Isn't that what I do when I make them my friends"? (Eph 6:12)"

So yes there is a gay agenda despite the mock shock expressed about George Oundo's admission he was working to further it (The New Vision, 24 March 2009.)

Yes, the gay agenda is massively funded.

The agenda is rooted in a feeling of alienation of those behind it, pro-gay activists.


Pro-heterosexual families have their own legitimate concerns,

Pro-family activists are not going to sit back while their own way of life is sneered at and actively undermined,

Gay activists are every bit as bullying and ruthless as bullying and ruthless heterosexuals. Many people wanting to leave the gay life are intimidated by activists.

They will not be intimidated by vituperation and accusations of homophobia.

The way forward?

Lots of listening and lots of prayer.

God bless.