Saturday, March 28, 2009

1. You shall come to know the Truth

And the Truth Shall Set You Free

I am disappointed that following the uproar in Uganda (see New Vision newspaper circa 24 – 27 March 2009) after a leading gay activist, George Oundo, denounced his gay lifestyle and confessed to serially seducing children and others in to the gay lifestyle, gay blogs studiously ignore (a) the concerns of the public and (b) scientific evidence. They choose instead to rant and rave about “hate” and how scared they are. They also delete posts (as did gug) that do not join in the mock hysteria. I thought discussion was the objective. I gave some information which the blogger responded to by saying 'Thanks but I won't read it.' This regression to tantrums may just show the woundedness which may have given rise to gender rejection/confusion in the first place. Tell me none of this resonates. Easy as he may be to ridicule, George Oundo is a brave man, because he stood up for the truth. God bless him. And all of us.

In all of this gug forgot to address the key issue raised:

Are there any scientific studies in to the roots of homosexuality?

Answer: There are many. Pro-gay activists made a big effort to find proof that people are born gay and therefore have a ‘right’ to same sex marriage etc. They failed to find genetic proof. There are examples below;

· Bailey did two studies of identical twins (those whose genetic make-up is exactly the same) and fraternal twins. In his second study he found that for identical twins, in 11% of cases, where one was gay the other was also gay. Also that for fraternal twins the rate was 0%. N.E. Whitehead points out if homosexuality was genetic, 100% of gay identical twins would have a gay twin brother but only 11% did in the study.

· Simon Le Vey carried out a study which was paraded as proof that there is a gay gene. However Le Vey himself says,”I did not prove that homosexuality is genetic…I didn’t show that gay men are born that way…[it is] the most common mistake people make in interpreting my work.”

Le Vey also says :

When a gay man, for example, says he was born gay, he generally means that he felt different from other boys at the earliest age he can remember. Sometimes the difference involved sexual feelings, but more commonly it involved some kind of gender-nonconformist or 'sex-atypical' traits--disliking rough-and-tumble play, for example--that were not explicitly sexual. These differences, which have been verified in a number of ways, suggest that sexual orientation is influenced by factors operating very early in life, but these factors could still consist of environmental forces such as parental treatment in the early postnatal period.[emphasis added]" Queer Science (Page 6)

· Hamer also carried out a study. He admitted his disappointment saying, “The pedigree study failed to produce what we originally hoped to find: simple Mendelian inheritance.”

Same Sex Attraction is not a choice in the same way as other emotions or temptations are not a choice. However our reaction to the temptation is a choice. Acting on the temptation and becoming an active homosexual is a choice. Ashley Mac Isaac, a lesbian violinist says, ”For me, homosexuality is a learned behaviour. I don’t think it could be a genetic trait. We’re born for reproduction so that life can continue. ”Advocate, Dec 10 1996. Peter Tatchell is probably the UK’s best-known pro-gay activist (an activist is a person who promotes a cause using political tactics such as demonstrations, mass media e.t.c.) yet he agrees with this.

Finally, an ex-activist Joe Dallas writes in his book that so many traits are said to be inborn e.g. alcoholism and violence. Then he asks, does that make those behaviours moral or right? Or even desirable one might add.

However “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”(Paul Simon, ‘The Boxer’)

God bless you,