Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fr Musaala Rejects the "born that way" Theory

While defending himself against allegations of active homosexuality, the Catholic priest, Fr Anthony Musaala, quoted the catechism that defines homosexuality as a disorder. The priest, who says he merely counsels homosexuals many of whom are suicidal, says the motivation for many gay people is the desire for financial gain.

These two statements from someone who was often thought to teach that homosexuality is innate have come as a bombshell to those gays for whom he was a moral point of reference.

Adding salt to the wound, Reverend Father said those accusing him of being homosexual were out to damage his name because he is a public figure. In other words, Father does not see being gay as something to be proud of but as something damaging. Those who have taken pride in "coming out" take note.

Interestingly Father Musaala has not been called homophobic.