Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is There Help To Change?

Since efforts to begin Ex Gay ministries began in Uganda, and especially since Scott Lively visited Uganda to promote this type of support for people with unwanted Same Sex Attraction (SSA), we have begun to hear from gay activists that therapies used to help people change from homosexual to heterosexual are psychologically damaging.

There are a number of people who have been through ex gay ministries and state it was harmful to them. Reading that claim reminds me how all ministry can be harmful in the wrong (inexperienced or over-zealous) hands. Who has not heard of inappropriate deliverance prayers or teaching? But does that mean deliverance is misconceived? If those ministering to gays were wrong-headed, clearly what it meant was better regulation was needed. It did not mean the goal of ministry was wrong.

Paul Stafford writes about ex gay ministries some 30 years after it began in the West. He argues that the ministry has learned from the mistakes of its infancy and has come of age. He gives honest opinions on the likelihood of change in a persons life. His report appears balanced and is convincingly argued.

Stafford also clarifies the distinction between the Roman Catholic approach and the general Christian approach of NARTH.

It is important for people with SSA to be able to make their own choice to seek any type of psycho-social or religious support they need to come out of the gay life.

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