Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Legal Issues: Anti-Discrimination Laws

Anti-discrimination Laws prohibiting discrimination against gay people, according to Scott Lively who visited Uganda recently, are the first step in gradually moving a society/country towards acceptance of openly homosexual lifestyles. The last step is legislation to permit gay marriages. California, USA recently rejected a bill to legalise gay marriage. See Ex-Files 2 and 10 on this blog.

Now North Dakota has thrown out an anti-discrimination bill. The state House voted 54-34 on Friday to reject the bill which sought to ban discrimination in housing, employment and credit on the basis of a person's sexual orientation.Amongst other things it would have made it illegal to voice opinions opposing same-sex marriage.Republican representative for Hurdsfield,

Robin Weisz, Republican (Hurdsfield) told AP: “I don’t think [the bill] is needed. I do think it has consequences that aren’t in the best interests of this state, that do intrude on the rights of others." He added thet to live in that way was a "lifestyle choice" he added.

Wes Belter, Leonard, was of the view that North Dakota’s existing anti-discrimination law is adequate. He said,

“Although I certainly do not approve of the gay movement, because I do think it really violates what God meant for man … I also understand that we need to love and be understanding of these people, and that we should not discriminate against them, because that is sin,” Belter said.

According to Weisz, the law would ban situations such as employers voicing their opinions on same-sex relationships, as this could offend lesbian and gay staff. He explained,

“If this bill passes, I can still preach about [opposition to] divorce and living together, but I would no longer be able to have an opinion in my own place of business on whether homosexuality was a proper or improper lifestyle,....Their rights have now superseded my rights.”