Saturday, April 25, 2009


1. For facts involving the promotion of homosexuality in schools, the materials used and correct information needed to counter the propaganda.

A live radio station and magazine for people sruggling with unwanted same sex attraction (SSA).

2 . An interesting article showing the dynamics of the discussion of homosexuality. It concedes religious arguments do not convince people outside a particular faith system. It als lays bare the junk-science disseminated by gay activists (see the last paragraph in bold. All emphasis added)

A sample paragraph,

Goldberg says that gays have an ideological commitment to proving the normality of homosexuality, but they have not yet been able to make a convincing argument for it.
We cannot grant gays affirmation of the normality of their behavior unless they can give us a cause for homosexuality that can be considered normal, he says. Most gays refuse to consider the common environmental factors that have been found in the backgrounds of homosexuals; they simply insist that causation is "irrelevant." They expect, he says, that we should suspend criteria for normality which psychologists apply in all other cases.

Many gay spokesmen actually tend to deny the logic of deeming any behavior abnormal. Yet this approach does them little good. What they really want to argue, Goldberg says, is that homosexuality is normal, while other behaviors like necrophilia and coprophilia are not. To make the argument that homosexuality is normal because "all variant behaviors are 'normal,'" gays would then be forced to deliver an argument explaining why necrophilia and coprophilia should be viewed as perversions, while homosexuality was healthy.