Friday, May 1, 2009

Woman MP Asks Critical Question

Karooro Okurut

I would like to put in a thought or two in reaction to Kevin O’Connor’s article in Sunday Monitor of April 26, 2008 titled: “Some truths about homosexuality”.
In that article Kevin makes a lot of sweeping statements, most of which he did not back up with any authoritative evidence and which cannot in any way stand the test of scientific research and verified hypothesis.

Kevin claims that 10 to 20 per cent of humans are born homosexual. He also claims that homosexual tendencies are normal and harmless in kids and they will simply outgrow them and become normal heterosexuals. He criticises those who bash gays, alleging homophobia on one hand and hypocrisy on the other.

I would like to take him on, on these submissions.
First, if such a high percentage of people are born homosexuals, how come there is a huge deliberate effort by some of our “friends” in the western world to recruit young people into homosexuality?

There is abundant evidence that these “friends” send plenty of money and gifts to clubs here so as to suck the young unsuspecting youth into homosexuality.

I was personally involved in the counselling of some young boys who had been recruited. They told a long, harrowing tale of the recruitment exercise they went through. They were provided with nail polish and would paint only one fingernail as a sign of membership to the club!

The recruitment that is being carried out is so worrying; it’s like they are mobilising for a political party or army!

Kevin, evidence abounds all around pointing to this recruitment mania. I invite you to come with me and I show you living examples of this.

One cannot have hatred for these young recruits – oh no. What one feels is impotent pity and one can only feel deep hatred and revulsion for the recruitment officers.

The young men are innocent; it is those that are hiring them into it that are beastly.
Kevin, I am sure you have not seen some of the young men who have been ruthlessly sodomised.

I have seen some of them with bottoms oozing with pus, having been afraid to go for help because their tormentors had assured them that one word would get them killed.

So they suffer silently; their bottoms rotting away and the poor fellows beginning to walk like ducks, until some good Samaritan intervenes. This is not fiction.

There are also incidents reported in some institutions of higher learning where some homosexual lecturers sexually harass their students. When the students object the punishment is an outright fail – you say no to sodomy and you forget about getting a degree or diploma.

If the homosexuals could restrict their practice to consenting adults, then maybe society would not be so angry; for that is not as bad as pouncing on young innocent fellows and destroying their lives.

Kevin also alleges that teenage homosexual tendencies are normal and harmless; just give the kids time and they will simply outgrow those tendencies and become normal heterosexuals.

This is a sad and misleading falsehood.
As I mentioned above, I have been shown young boys whose anuses have been literally torn to pieces after being sodomised. These were not born homosexual.

They have been used by the dubious fellows going around recruiting these innocent kids. If they were born homosexual, how come the God of Heaven did not make them adoptive to the sexual act so that there would be no damage? And contrary to Kevin’s claims, there are no “harmless” gay tendencies that the kids will outgrow in due course.

Most of them never get out of the habit once they are initiated into it. The trend has been that in a school for example, those who were initiated into homosexuality in their first year, after they go on to Senior Two, simply wait to mete out the same treatment to the next batch of Senior One kids, in vengeance of some kind.

When the kids come in Senior One, - innocent and new in the school and not in a position to argue or understand what is going on, or even resist it – the bigger boys sodomise them. And the cycle continues.

One growing danger is that young men and women from well-to-do families are now peddling homosexuality in a romanticised way saying it is “cool” to be homosexual. Parents of such children are bleeding.

This country must wake up and sensitise the youth against this practice. We do not need to witch-hunt homosexuals. What we need to do urgently is to stop this recruitment that is going on; we must prevent the homosexuals in their quest to build an army or brigade, starting with the schools.